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Investor Relations
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We have helped more than 100 public listed companies and SMEs from various industries such as healthcare, IT, property development& manufacturing to build branding, enable strategic communications with stakeholders & provide expert support in corporate finance and ESG matters.

Founded in 2018 by our experienced and well-networked CEO, Mr. Jason Fong, Aegis Communication is an Investor & Public Relations Consultancy firm that puts clients’ needs at the forefront at a very affordable rate.

Why Choose Us?

At Aegis Communication, we staunchly believe that investor relations is more than just sending out press releases. We adopt a targeted approach for each client by customising investor relations services that addresses the unique needs of their stakeholders. 

Our performance speaks for itself! Within months after coming onboard, our clients have witnessed notable improvement in their stakeholder management. 

Their media presence in print and online platforms have also improved, while there is a better relationship with analysts and investment funds.

We aim to close the information gaps and better align the perceptions of the marketplace with the reality of your company’s value.

Our Capabilities

We’re ready to provide holistic communications consultancy to our clients

Unlike the conventional public relations approach of managing perception, we provide a much wider outreach to the retail investor basethrough unconventional strategies, targeting social media influencers and bloggers in the investment community, as well as high net worth individuals, brokers and the media.